Due to restrictions we are not able to hold large gatherings. We meet in "Sixes" Home Cells, 10.30am Sundays

Ring for more info. 07818023328

The King Church Poole/New Forest

The church is just over 20 years old in Poole and the New Forest. Jesus, the Bible, and offering people hope through the transforming power of the Good News is our heart beat. God is real, personal and knowable. When Jesus came God came and life has never been the same since. Although the powers that be Jewish and Roman destroyed Him, it was not His end! God raised Him from the dead, empowered the first believers who turned their world upside down, and the following generations have continued to spread the message. Jesus promises to return at the end of this age and begin a new age in a new heavens and a new earth. He promises believers a future and a hope, penned by a prophet whose outward circumstances were a nightmare!

If you're looking for something  real, deep and lasting look no further. We can't offer you a perfect church but something authentic, Jesus centred.